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Standard Bank Home Loans

Standard Bank Home Loans

As we ourselves have done business with Standard Bank, we can highly recommend them as one the leading banks in South Africa that offer home loans to consumers.

The first option they have is for first time buyers and this clearly states that you are not to have owned a property before in order to apply for this type of home loan. The repayment term is also stipulated at 20 years or 240 months and it is imperative that you can only apply as a private individual and not as an entity.

The second option available from standard bank home loans is that of a home loan, when buying a property that is not your first property. The repayment term for this type of home loan again is 240 months and you can possibly get a 100% loan depending on your risk profile and financial records.

Standard bank is one of the top banks in South Africa and with their outstanding home loans department, we can highly recommend them as a bank to use for your home or building loan. We have been working with them for a long time now and have been able to assist many clients in the past, to get their home loan with them.

We will be following standard bank home loans very closely over the coming months and will keep our loyal subscribers updated on any news related to new loan offerings. We can highly recommend standard bank to anyone looking for a home loan.

If you are looking for a home loan please contact us by completing the online enquiry form and we will assist you with your application.

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