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SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans expanded very widely with a lot of applications we see on monthly basis handled by them. Unlike other banks, SA Home Loans primarily focus on provide home loans to potential clients and home owners.

The consultant that will assist you are all specialised and you will quickly get the feeling that they are control of your home loan application.

You will definitely feel at ease because they still have that personal touch, which all the main banks have lost in totality.

They offer a variety of home loan products which include the following listed below:

- Variable home loan - Interest rate based on you risk profile, repayable up to 20 years.

- 30 Year home loan - Interest rate based on you risk profile, but repayable up to 30 years. The additional 10 years provide for a lower monthly instalment, but do keep in mind that the additional period will incur further interest. Maximum age of 45 year of age.

- Edge home loan - Only pay interest for the initial 36 months, to lower the monthly instalment. After the initial 36 month, the bond continues for a 20 year period.

You may do additional payments over the full period. We would not suggest this option, but might be viable in certain circumstances.

The only draw-back about SA Home Loans is the fact that they only focus on residential property.

You will not be able to apply for a mortgage bond with the following properties:

- Farm
- Small holdings (when more than 8,000 Hectares and/or zoned Agricultural)
- Commercial property (even if it is slightly commercial)

We hope the above information will assist you in making the best decision for your circumstances.

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